Aiman Hakim, Daiyan Trisha, Drama Semanis Senyumanmu TV3

Aiman Hakim, Daiyan Trisha, Drama Semanis Senyumanmu TV3. Watch the drama ‘Semanis Senyumanmu’ starring Aiman ​​Hakim and Daiyan Trisha screened at Disney+ Hotstar on June 1, 2021 and will start airing on TV3 starting October 7, every Monday-Friday at 7:30 pm.
Tells the story of Azim (Aiman ​​Hakim Ridza) who works as a cook in a famous restaurant and the food he cooks always gets praise. Azim was not satisfied when he heard a customer criticize the lopes cake he cooked for not having a satisfactory texture. Azim tried to re -cook the lopes cake and asked for an opinion from his staff and nothing was lacking on his homemade cake. Azim could not accept criticism and felt that the customer noticed well.
Azra (Daiyan Trisha) opens a bakery with her good friend, Iman (Aqilah Abas) and has been busy making all kinds of sweets since breaking up with her boyfriend.
Iman was worried about Azra’s condition and told his good friend to take a break from working at the bakery.
One day, Azim accompanied his nephew who wanted to buy sweets at a bakery near his house. While making the payment, Azim just noticed that the owner of the bakery was the same person who criticized his lopes cake before. At the same time, Azim also criticized Azra’s homemade bread which did not have a satisfactory texture.
They then meet again in a ceremony, Azra apologizes to Azim and offers to teach Azim how to make cakes as that is his specialty. Will Azim agree to the offer and make peace with Azra?