Aniq Suhair, Wani Kayrie, Drama Tahyul TV3

Aniq Suhair, Wani Kayrie, Drama Tahyul TV3. Watch the drama ‘Tahyul’ which will fill the Samarinda TV3 slot starting October 12, every Monday to Thursday at 10 pm.
A group of content creators from the social site “Tales Of Superstition” have planned to record paranormal activity in a dilapidated bungalow. However, their plan is just an act for the purpose of gaining netizens’ views. The fact is that the chosen location is indeed inhabited by subtle beings. Their acting and deception turned into a tragedy after they received the interference of subtle beings and were trapped inside the dilapidated bungalow.
Episode 1
The clock shows 2 o’clock in the morning. A group of content creators consisting of Afiq, Boy and Illy are recording in a cave in a village. In the Live IG recording, Afiq, who was recording the situation, said the cave was inhabited by a vampire. While busy recording, they received a frightening glimpse. They managed to capture the anxious and creepy moments that bothered them. Their recording managed to grab the attention of the audience who did follow the Tales of Superstition site on IG.
Episode 2
The discovery of the girl’s skeleton has shocked the residents of Kampung Kaki Bukit. The girl’s skeleton was found by village teenagers hanging out around the deep forest and mountain areas. The case has been investigated by Detective Masni. One Malaysian is excited about the discovery of the skeleton.