Azrel Ismail, Puteri Aishah, Drama Kau CEO Aku TV1

Azrel Ismail, Puteri Aishah, Drama Kau CEO Aku TV1. Drama adaptation of YOUR novel? MY CEO? Maya Rahman’s work will feature actors Azrel Ismail and Puteri Aishah. Drama published by Country & Universal Sdn Bhd, directed by Harris Fadzillah.
Aisya Sofia married Danial Firdaus due to family choice. Danial is the CEO at his workplace. The man is handsome but his ego and arrogance are sky high. After getting married the allegations befell one by one. All because of Mila, Danial’s close friend. The child who was conceived for 6 months died because of Mila. After that Danial asked to marry Mila because he wanted to protect himself and wanted children. Aisya Sofea just hid her feelings and agreed with Danial’s words. Luckily Aisya has many who love her. Anis, Syafiq and Hakimi. They struggle to find evidence to defend Aisya’s rights and truth.