DFM2U Drama


The character that stands out to me the most from the film is Cole. This is one character that stands out when comparing her to America’s TV superheroes. The way Cole shows a huge revolution is that she runs for a greener world. She wants to clean up the earth and make life a little better for everyone. Along the way, Cole gets involved in a number of ethical and moral dilemmas that range from realizing she is the last hope for her hometown of Kiley and trying to stay alive in order to save it from running out of energy, to dealing with social injustices that racialized police use racial profiling against her to get rid of those that simply don’t agree with them. There is no matter of race and ethnicity aside from common interests on the battlefield. She is a hero even in the eyes of many. However, the show on which she is most comparable to has been the ABC animated series, “Green with Envy”, since 1998. This show is based off of a comic book series of the same name from the DC comics brand. It shows the voice of Cole’s mother and the comic book cover that America loved so much that they bought it on the shelves. The animated episode focuses more on Cole and her new superior, Mr. Harp, and how Cole learns the lessons to fight for what is right and how Mr. Harp changes Cole. Ms. Country-The name of Cole’s foster mother in the film. In the cartoon version of Green with Envy she is Marile who reflects to her at the end of the episode what can teach Cole about being an excellent foster parent. This is very similar to her real life experience with her foster mother and children whom she currently raises. Cole’s Ethical Dilemma with Rescuer Mr. Sherwood Freeman as shown in the film is in comparison to Cole and Marile. In the show, Mr. Sherwood Freeman believes that the characters in the world have no purpose and want to be just like the superheroes and other superpowers. By contrast, Cole knows that most people do not make decisions to help others just for the sake of it. This is the kind of challenge that Cole faces, whether or not to try to save her life to save the town from running out of energy, or whether or not to rebel against her civil rights. Cole’s Fresh Cocktail in Green with Envy reveals similarities to the real life episode of Green with Envy. In the episode, Cole’s mother Marile constantly changed Cole’s drink in an attempt to change his moral perspective to make him more “conformist”. She did so by placing a drink in Cole’s coffee cup which affected Cole’s speech by reminding him of the experience of going through the bat mitzvah ritual. Also, there are several instances in the movie and the cartoon in which Marile seems to have given up on Cole. In the movie, Cole is caught by his mother’s rebellious attempt of experimenting with “green tea” to gain strength to do her practical chores. Cole’s parents displayed an attempt to unify into one woman just to make Cole bear that weeniness she has displayed in the world. This shows a similarity in Cole’s actions and personality with Marile’s in the movie as well as her troubled battle in the end of her life. Luckily for Cole, Cole’s parents do not feel it is their responsibility to be like a normal normal family in the modern world. Therefore, their family set their own philosophy on how to raise Cole from a younger age. By having a mother who wanted to more or less be like their kids in the future being just like the mentors they were from when they were growing up (Sherwood Freeman, the Cole’s adoptive brother) Cole may be able to feel motivated to act according to his principles. As one can see, the similarities between Cole’s on and off screen life and the reason why she changed her drink to green tea shows that both Cole and Marile are striving to make a change. In the end of the show and of the course of the series, Cole learns a lot about family, helping others and support one another. During the episode’s epilogue, the audience is told by Mr. Harp that “the world needs heroes”. Even though Cole has been the stronger character in the movie, Marile from the cartoon version learned so much about how to be a great mother and even a great foster parent. Both Cole and Marile shown how willing people of Cole’s age can make an impact in a positive way. After watching the first episode of Green with Envy I definitely recommend watching that with your family.