Izzue Islam, Raysha Rizrose, Filem Hantu Ke Lima Astro First

Izzue Islam, Raysha Rizrose, Filem Hantu Ke Lima Astro First. Watch the horror comedy film, The Fifth Ghost which will be in Your Home Cinema, Astro First starting October 7, 2021. This film produced by AT Movies highlights the horror comedy genre as well as featuring the story of influencers in pursuit of content that is very popular in our society today. . Featuring a duo of popular actors such as Raysha Rizrose, Aisar Khaled, Izzue Islam, Shiha Zikir, Elly Mazlein, Pu Azman, Adibah Noor, Danish Danieal and Azman Ahmad
Tells the story of Auni Qaisara Putri (Raysha Rizrose) seeking refuge after being persecuted by her stepmother Puan Sri Zaleha (Adibah Noor) in a loss -making stock investment scheme. Puncak Mahligai, a luxurious residence left by Auni’s late father, preserved by Iskandar Syah (PU Azman) and his wife, Kam (Elly Mazlein), holds a thousand and one mysteries. TKO Studio run by Taufiq (Aisar Khaled), Kent (Izzue Islam) and Oya (Shiha Zikir) is in decline and they agreed to work with Puan Sri Zaleha in promoting Puncak Mahligai to attract investors. Yet they are confronted with various mystical events. Auni Qaisara Putri will preserve the only memories with her late father and mother at Puncak Mahligai.