Kazar, Wanns Ahmad, Drama Balai Kampung TV1

Kazar, Wanns Ahmad, Drama Balai Kampung TV1. Watch the drama Balai Kampung starring Kazar Saisi, PU Azman, Wanns Ahmad and Jessie Lim starting October 4, every Monday to Thursday at 12:05 noon on TV1.
The story of Pak Yoeb’s behavior solves the current issue of the villagers at the community hall. As the village head, Pak Yoeb managed to solve the residents’ problems in harmony.
Episode 1 – Pak Yoeb plans to install ‘wifi’ in the village in line with the passage of time, but Haji Man opposes and has to hold a meeting!
Episode 2 – Before Pak Yoeb had time to manage the Al -Quran recitation competition, the issue of the villagers having raver and tik tok seizures caused Hussin and Dahlia to quarrel!