Luqman Hafidz, Sweet Qismina, Laila Nasir, Drama Cinta Yang Tertangguh TV1

Luqman Hafidz, Sweet Qismina, Laila Nasir, Drama Cinta Yang Tertangguh TV1. The drama adaptation of the novel ‘Cinta Yang Tertangguh’ by Zaza Qry will feature actors Luqman Hafidz and Sweet Qismina. Drama produced by Suhan Movies & Trading, directed by Amie Maziah. Will be broadcast on RTM channel.
The sudden death of her brother -in -law and sister made Hananiah the immediate mother of her two nephews. Never did he complain despite having to keep the trust. Only, when his school friends came to meet him, he had to cheat on the deck because of pressure.
The insistence caused Hananiah to show a picture of her future husband in a magazine. Apparently the man did exist. Exists in a very annoying version. Plus, Adrish Haqiey is his new workplace boss.
Because of the incident of spilling tomato juice over Elise’s skirt, Adrish, forced Hananiah to work washing her clothes. Hananiah did not refuse, because whatever brought income to him, he would accept.
Adrish doesn’t like Hananiah because he wears a headscarf, but it still hurts when there are men close to Hananiah. Most outraged when Hananiah’s ex -lover, Afii, comes looking for Hananiah. Hananiah who wants to run away from Afii asks Adrish for help. Adrish is alone. So they became false husbands and wives.
When Adrish Haqiey began to regard the fake relationship as real, Hanania was not happy to sit down. The call of love also made Hananiah curious.