Malay Drama

The paper below is about a Malay drama drama which had been aired on 8th June 2010. The drama, based on a novel, is called Thawangan Manalap, meaning “he is going to get himself together”.

The drama centres around a young son who is a character called Ram. His father, Ram’s late mentor, was a senior pastor in a traditional mosque in Kepong where the family lives.

Ram’s mother, Ram’s older sister, worked in the mosque but is now employed as a school teacher.

Ram also has a very strong sense of individuality and this helps him to break with his traditional upbringing and reach out and talk to friends outside his family and his past as a clergyman’s pupil.

Ram’s mother, Ram’s older sister, works as a school teacher for kids who are bad. She believes that she should have to devote her life to the community for her sons’ sake and that she gets them away from bad influences and into education rather than religious influences. Ram and his friends always enjoy joking around, they particularly enjoy bad jokes and bad stereotypes and themes. Ram’s friends change his lifestyle and keeps him on the straight and narrow. Ram is given the chance to interact with many different types of people, both good and bad.

Ram’s friends are actually only a few friends of his father. One of his friends is a short guy named Zach. They often go around drinking and smoking. They are on their own because they all live alone and their fathers are both murdered. Ram and his friends share a flat at a house called Time Considered. This is where many cultural influences come into play. There are very different areas in Malaysia.

There are different races and different religions. There are two kinds of religions; Islamic and other. Islam is Islam and it is the religious system which is mostly followed and practiced in Malaysia. It is the branch of religion which has followed the Qur’an to its fulfilment and this is the way people live and always are taught to by the religious leaders. Islam is the main religion which is practiced by Malays and many Malays are Muslims. Islam states in its section of the Qur’an and it makes the book clear. It is the holy book which states that the best way to reach God and the message of God is through fasting and prayer. Islam is the most established religion. Islam is a very acceptable religion.

The other main religion which is practiced by Malays are Malays. Malaysia was formed from Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Malaysia is a melting pot for different cultural influences. In the television programme, we are introduced to the character Abdul Razak. Abdul Razak is a girl’s best friend. She describes him as “the boy next door”. Abdul Razak reminds her of one of her father’s best friends. Abdul Razak is a Muslim. He is not actively religious like his father. Although, his mum and his mother all are Muslim. Abdul Razak thinks of himself as a religious Muslim and tries to practice and following Islamic ways. Therefore, he doesn’t drink and he doesn’t smoke. He is an active civil servant who works in the civil service and has been working in the civil service for many years.

Abdul Razak and Ratu Mat Zahara are very close friends. Ratu Mat Zahara works at the National Intensification Promotion of Science research laboratory. She is his boss at work and she is very pleased with his conduct in office. He is too ambitious to reach things at early age like the boy next door and is disappointed in him. This shows us that his attitude towards their friendship has changed during the course of the drama. Abdul Razak is suffering from nicotine and marijuana which are drugs of the drug trade. So, both boys drugs are not accepted by Abdul Razak’s parents. Abdul Razak however, fights hard to not use the drugs. The boy next door is very mean. Abdul Razak always keep his distance away from him. He goes to a hospital and sees a doctor about an eye problem. Abdul Razak is unsuccessful in getting a genuine eye examination and feels very angry and wants to punish him. At night Abdul Razak escapes from the hospital. He gets chased by his nearest fellow friend who’s cousin is a police officer.

Abdul Razak works for the civil service and has been in the civil service for long so he now have the power and responsibility over the prisoners. He and his colleagues have taken care of a lot of the prisoners. He becomes very sick and the boy next door works in the prison. He wants to seduce Ram’s mom to help him escape. Ram doesn’t want to get involved in the plot as he will get worse in the prison. Ram’s dad being