Melayu Telefilem

Sectricom has a telephone system made for the purposes of language communication and speech communication (MSE). It is relatively expensive to maintain a signal must be made sure that any migration of customers connection

Also any equipment connection must be ensured. Telcos have to collect data into the database on any calls or programs made. It makes the revenue collection function for the telcos easy and efficient. With the advancement of technology,

Most of the human resource training must be provided.

Equality of salaries has to be maintained for both males and females

Keeping the law and filing of service or products has to be ensured.

Cyber Finance

Information services within a company have to be guaranteed.

However, a company has to ensure legal and regulatory issues are not kept in check.

Cyber finance is a remedy that is all the better. When an organization is managing the legal document of its management and keeping records of the sales and purchases of the company, it can meet the requirements to be legalized by an opportunity finance. The company has to ensure that IT department has a good customer relationship. The warranty for high quality work is required.

A discount scheme has to be kept in check to avoid any question of arbitration procedure.


The first milestone in undertaking a computerized information system is to identify if the company has a website. After an easy internet internet assessment through an online tool, most of the websites will require just a small loan. On all the website, the company has to pay fees for the service management program. The company should come up with a safe method of storing the e-mail of the company and a safe measure to ensure the authenticity of the claims made through the company’s website.

The company can also set up blogs. It has to ensure the details of the credit card organization, proper drivers license information, the company’s image, the duration of service of the office is taken care of. Other than blogs, the company has to make sure a proper digital database is done at the local area.

Completing the documentations such as the legal clearance and the user’s credentials must be ensured. System acquisition requires the vendor to make the system all secure and to ensure that it is not blocked. A system tracking portal has to ensure that the site is up to date with the latest news, advertisements, special offers and feedback to the customers.


In order to achieve cyber finance,

Secure websites

A good reference system

A robust system software

A good content management

A professional training

1. Unique website for every product

Being the first step, one shouldn’t make any changes to the existing website. This will ensure easy setup of the system. In a separate email, customers will be notified that they have a new website.

2. Formalization of company website to prove that it is more than just a marketing tool

3. Creation of a legal file which must include the system’s logo and name of the vendor.

4. A business mail announcing the establishment of the system

5. Proper e-mail correspondence of the vendor which will make it clear of the system’s website to the customers

6. Putting up any petitions inviting the request of the right to email to the customers

7. Linking the company to the billing system

8. Linking the user credentials to the system’s account details

9. A quick response to any special enquiry

10. Regular review of the system by the vendor

The vendor is committed to your budget. He or she is prepared to invest to ensure that you get the best result possible.

The vendor is ready to deliver for you.

He or she is fixed with total confidentiality.

The system you are investing in must be the one which comes up with the maximum of the subscribers.

Data collection methods must be confidential.

Technology training has to be considered as it prepares the employees to use the system.

The system will take care of customer data on the way they interact.

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