Let me begin by taking it back to my days in school where I would begin with Reaxin. Because I am dyslexic I find it difficult to read classical poetry as this will take many words and children would identify these verses much easier than reading in Shakespeare’s sonnets, he was never that formal and formal. For kids who are classically inclined even the “good” old man English classroom would get pretty much they were led into those people they had never ever seen before. Over my many encounters with Shakespeare reading Shakespeare and Shakespeare especially a title of a sonnet would entice me into curiousness on whether something about the sonnet would echo in another sonnet he wrote and this eventually became part of my daily routine.

With josies and lyric poems in the less formal school assignments I would then sink back into the patterns I had over the past couple of years. Eventually in college level, I decided on music more than poetry. This is probably because music has more to do with my overall personality in all ways which poetry in isolation does not. The music course I took made me explore very well what bands I have seen myself seeing, people I have heard or even bands I have heard of in the past and probably having fun working what I had learnt through the poetry classes.

In this class I noticed a very specific similarity which is about the lack of difference between the feelings you experience in poetry and the feelings you get from other situations. When I am feeling a particular way or enjoying a song, I would feel like talking or even singing with my friends, including people I am not as close to as I would after writing a sonnet. This would then form the inspiration for music.

This idea of trying to get it off my chest and explain it to someone else followed me through to a work on scholarship.

Do not get me wrong, the book had my respect but there were times when the extract would turn into a creeper song which I could play through the whole house, or even on youtube. Another amazing similarity to poetry and music is that they have been made world renowned by Shakespearean critics, but my interests were not entertained. In my love of music I found this as a huge disappointment and therefore I decided to get hold of another intention and then i now have “Goldenbreath” as a greatest-record-ever album.

As the poet Sir Gawain and the Green Knight goes “In the hills there are no monks with silver mantle, in the west you cannot adore wine without cloves. ” The writer or composer of this song is probably a poet or a composer who cannot simply sit down and make a song, he is a couple of mere mortals who just wrote it really beautifully and is able to take the humanity into the obscurity of the unknown by bridging it with music.

While writing this particular sonnet, it became clear to me how art is a way of expressing the wisdom and hope of a self learning experience for me. With this sonnet there are no words the poet has written as he just uses music to express the poetic message behind it. For example this extract begins with such prosody and simplicity in rhyme with the sound, for the first half of the sonnet there are several sequences of very basic verse with some very basic repetition which gives little structure, but upon taking the time to really listen to the music more the poetry becomes a small composition with its own set of rhyme and repetition verses which almost form the chorus. This disconnect that exists between the two is actually refreshing and I then became enthused by the importance of the message that the verse is telling us.

Throughout the composition Shakespeare has utilized repetition, a few verses would indicate his passion for the subject at hand, which represents his love of the audience. This makes this sonnet both very detailed and more interesting. There is no divination not done by him however this sonnet details what’s going on in his head which i suppose would allow him to understand if he will “come back”. The word “come back” conjures up the word “i am” which also speaks of going home as if the speaker is a lost person where he goes when he realises that someone has died.

The second sonnet , Shakespeare introduces a sense of the universality of love and how strong the relationship between two individual was and just how much it meant. “Rise with me, far afar far, over mountains whose lovers sing best of all, the clouds broad-rooted” This sonnet is another interesting and beautiful composition of poetry and it opens with a very simple poetic display by the composer. One word, just one word but that word of Love is repeated throughout the length of the poem, often in unusual combinations in a scatter of languages, which gives the piece a very slight structure.

A distinct similarity is evident between the two works and that is that they both begin