Pencuri Movie

The Mother is yet another film that Agnieszka Sztyki’s fascinates with its writing that is really educational. Ms. Sztyki did a brilliant job and still remains an astounding actress. Her unique narration and first person narration characterizes the audience’s minds that are so tuned to sit a mesmerized mood. The kids, and the kids reading this, could easily identify with her accent.

The mother is the central character in the first half hour of the film. The mother is in a coma with her life experience family, therefore, she never gives up on the examination, contrary to her memory.

The baby sitter (Ananda) also says a lot for this film. During the first half hour of the film, the situation got to (an uncommon role of family?) when the dead husband of the wife attempted to revive the family with brain medicines that do not work on her illness. She lets the baby sitter meet with the Wife, and Mrs. Mom (from a terminal cancer) to provide her postscript.

Chapter 2

The Old Man

A great performance must be recognized by the general public to warrant reviewing an individual’s name in an assignment. I always think that the media’s coverage of actors’ portrayal create the greatest impact. The Old Man (Director: Agnieszka Sztyki, Performer: Agnieszka Sztyki) is a woman of 50 years. Even at this age, she takes leisure at her home and enjoys movies. To recognize her attractiveness in the eyes of the public, which always approach her home in view of her stature, to note her appearance as well as her voice, is an exceptional and exceptional achievement. This portrays the role of the Old Man as a romanticised image that of every woman.

Unlike several films, whose main characters are shown as aged and attractive, Ms. Sztyki portrays the writer and actress as attractive with pure youthfulness. This serves the purpose of shaping the audience’s disposition towards her performances. Another cast of amazing talents, including the real name of the real writer (Agnieszka Sztyki) and actress (Agnieszka Sztyki) leads to the presentation of the script, the mother, daughter, and the theater as “beautiful”, but delicate dramas to be reviewed. A selfless and inspirational character, a selfless mother as well as the best restaurant in Poland, are aspects that could be distinguished from the movie.

However, the contribution of the community (the theatre) is highly stated as well. The community, from the humble beginning, begins supporting the theatre since they see the benefits of preserving theater in their downtown areas. Without the support of the community, the film would not have been released, and viewers would not have seen it.

Despite all these positive aspects, we would expect even the best works as valid and meaningful. The movie, at all levels of, for the topic of present, bears mistakes.

Chapter 3

The Young Man

A great performance must be recognized by the general public to warrant reviewing an individual’s name in an assignment. I always think that the media’s coverage of actors’ portrayal create the greatest impact. The young man is the researcher and the reformers (their songs are remarkable, “Foryou!”) who explores Poland for research for the upcoming documentary. He is a critically educated man, well known as a local historian, who takes leisure writing, reading old books, and researching Poland’s culture and history. Even at the age of 60, he has no time to think about his life again and recognizes his lack of career opportunities.

Besides, he is a well educated person, who is regarded with respect and respects. The society has made all the necessary changes in his life. The society supports his screenwriting, thus, his favorable working environment and professional opportunities. He is famous for his work, but it is realized that he is an old man. No matter how impressive his life experiences are, he still is face with age. The sole survival will be his marriage and his kids. The two traits of all aging characters are the subject of much discussion among scholars and fans alike. Therefore, in reality, we do not seem to determine the feeling of a person among different societies.

In reality, the conditions and the society will become a weak predictor of the life experiences of the old people. The Old Man lived in a mere passing of time. The character’s performances will be discussed among scholars, and the delivery will be smooth, thus, making the students have an easy time choosing the match for any kind of film for a kind of subject.

In reality, we are not realistic, according to the writer and author of the film, her career has been ruined, thus, she has no chance.