Sharnaaz Ahmad, Elfaezah Ul Haq, Drama Danny Astro Prima

Sharnaaz Ahmad, Elfaezah Ul Haq, Drama Danny Astro Prima. The drama series from Singapore, ‘Danny’ is a sequel to the telefilm ‘Cinta Ramadan’ starring Sharnaaz Ahmad, Elfaezah Ul Haq and Nadia M Din. The drama ‘Danny’ will fill the Tiara slot on channel 105 every Monday through Friday, at 6.00pm
narrates the journey of Danny’s life after Natrah’s departure. Danny tries to forget about Natrah by furthering his studies while trying to start a small business. In an effort to balance the two worlds, Danny falls in love with Sarah, a young entrepreneur about to take over his father’s company. Sarah didn’t spill like Natrah, every side and her demeanor reminded Danny of Natrah.
Once Danny managed to sign a lucrative contract, Danny intended to send his mother and father to perform Umrah. However, Danny’s business success brings him drifting back into the arena of vice. This is further compounded by the presence of Liana, the wife of Danny’s good friend, Hosni.
Hosni began to suspect Danny was having an affair with his wife. This disagreement leads to Danny’s life once again on the brink of adversity. Can Danny keep Sarah’s love and trust at the same time. Is Danny going to repeat his old sins?